Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Tired Hutch

About a month ago I came across this tired hutch made by Ethan Allen.  The gentleman selling it just wanted it gone as it was taking too much room in his garage.  Guys don't like furniture clutter in their garages like us gals do, they like to clutter them with cars, tools, mowers and other guy things. This piece was solid,  2 separate pieces (buffet & top hutch) with good bones, just screaming to be made pretty. Well here's the before and after - what a little paint and distressing can do.  She's pretty once again and ready for the holidays - hmm how about some red Christmas dishes?

                                                  Just a plain, run of the mill hutch - the base

                                                                   the top hutch    
                                                 all dressed up and ready for fall & beyond
                                   also has 2 glass shelves in the top hutch & 1 shelf in the buffet
                                       one of the buffet drawers is lined in felt for silverware

first coat painted in American Paint Company "Plymouth Rock" with second layer in Annie Sloan "Pure White" - distressed, then clear waxed  

                                                               before distressing

                                                               she's lighted too!

                      This baby glass pumpkin was picked up at the pumpkin patch and given to me  by                                      my granddaughter -  she is such a thoughtful little girlie.  Thanks Layla!

                                If you are interested - this piece is available for purchase -  contact me at                                                                                whitehousebluegarden@aim.com


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