Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hand Painted or Spray Painted

Not very often but I do get questions from time to time asking if my furniture pieces are hand painted or spray painted. That's a good question. To which my answer is - hand painted.  I don't even own a sprayer but I'm sure it certainly would speed up my process. When I started painting I was taught (with Annie Sloan chalk paint) how to hand paint by Kevin who painted for the Hollywood studios at one time. He painted everything by hand, he could use chalk paint, paint special Venetian wall & ceiling finishes, he used gold gilding, special finishes - he was good, no he is an awesome painter, finisher and friend. So to spray a piece of furniture I suppose is personal preference. My customers don't mind the brush strokes, that's what adds character to a piece. Most of my pieces are vintage and were made by hand, one piece at a time.  Just like this one below, hand crafted, dove tail drawers, solid mahogany, vintage hardware, felt lined drawers..  This beauty of a beast was so heavy; she was hand painted in

General Finishes Milk Paint in Basil, hand distressed, sanded and sealed.  My customers don't mind waiting in fact 80% of my work is custom work.

This is the after. Hand painted, sanded, distressed and sealed with high performance top coat by
General Finishes. If a piece is being used as a coffee bar, TV stand or in a high use space & will generally foam brush the high performance top coat instead of wax for durability.

I love, love, love Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and this is hand mixed and hand painted but I understand by the instructions you could use a sprayer but nowhere in her tutorials does she use a sprayer.  I love how smooth it glides on.  The pieces below are before and after. Miss Mustard is the chippy paint and I love it - did I already say that?

                               The special layering effects can only be done by hand.

                                             This one below I call my blue jean effect

             And then of course there is the stripping & staining of pieces - all done by hand of course!
                                    This one was stripped natural then hand painted in Driftwood

               And again of course the two colors on a piece can only be painted by hand

So I guess in the end it's a matter of personal preference, but my customers don't seem to mind the wait, brush strokes and all.  So let's keeping painting - by hand of course!

                                                              TOODLES  ~ Karen