Friday, October 17, 2014

A little of the BLUES today

Have you felt the blues yet?  I have been going through the blues lately, big time!  Not the Monday morning blues, not the wedding blues, not the motherhood blues, or even the holiday blues.  I'm talking about my favorite color in the whole wide world.  I've been Internet shopping for fabric for my living room drapes & I think I found the perfect fabric - Darjeerling Blue Stone (get it at OnlineFabricStore).  It's traditional and has all the colors that go with my furniture pieces, including a yummy subtle blue.  Can't wait to sew the drapes but before that I need to make slipcovers for my wing back chairs- one project after another. I will post as soon as they are completed - stay tuned.

                                                        Here's the fabric -  Love it!!

Speaking of the blues - I just had to paint my little rocker I had been wanting to paint for eons. It sat in the garage neglected since last October when my grandson, Brayden took last years Christmas photo in it.  Well now he has a brother, Maddox (they are 1 year apart - 20 months & 10 months now) and that little rocker needed a companion to the other one I have.  So since they are little boys I felt it should be painted non other than blue - one is painted in Greek Blue by Annie Sloan and Shoreline by American Paint Co.  I thought they came out so sweet, just like them. Take a peek .

                        Have a great weekend - toodles!        KAREN ~

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