About Me

Did you ever decide what you wanted to do when you grew up? That was me but after a long time I figured it out, I mean a LONG time.  I took a leading from deep down within saying "do it".  The "do it" was to search out vintage furniture (at a great price) refresh it & redress it as I say. The doing it was also out of necessity, things were difficult and at my age it was hard competing with the younger painters, the younger bloggers, the perfect homes, the perfect lives. Life is not perfect.  All I knew is that I had to step out of my boat and become that water walker. My daughter introduced me to the world of chalk paint & that was it, I was hooked. A $50.00 find on Craigslist turned a nice profit, and as they say - the rest was history and I've never looked back.  Friends hear me say do what you like, not what people think you should do; otherwise you will never be happy.  Painting, woodworking & DIYing are those outlets that lets me be creative and where I'm happy. But it's not just painting, it's refreshing that vintage piece into something amazing, creating wood signs with inspirational quotes - just one beautiful piece at a time.  The pieces I have sold have gone into places that make me smile.  I'm also a God lover - I praise Him everyday for nudging me out of my boat and stretching myself.  Step out of your boat  & take a walk on the water - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

***35% deposit is required on all custom work (this covers furniture, materials & labor). Deposit is non refundable if customer cancels. Turnaround time is minimum of 2 weeks and longer on multiple pieces of furniture. 
This pertains to all custom work via Pinterest, Instagram, Craigslist or personally***


The Happy Things:

* my husband (Fats as he is affectionately called)  * my kids and my bugs (my grandkids)  *cream of wheat and ovaltine for breakfast (does anyone know what that is?)  *scouring thrift stores, flea markets & garage sales for anything vintage  *my family (I come from a big one)  *hillsong music cranked all the way up  *passion ice tea  *margaritaville station  *oak tree's = strength (why wyatt, now i know your an oak -tombstone)  *quotes and sayings  *happy flowers (not roses - im not a rose kind of gal)  *vintage jeep wagoneer's  *jeans, flipflops, Toms & UGG's  *autumn - i'm born in october

  Oh and if you are wondering  about the name whitehousebluegarden; it came from the charming little white cottages I love and my blue garden. (can you tell what  my favorite color is?)  Toodle lu!


  1. You have some beautiful pieces.

  2. Thank you Holly, sorry for the lateness. As I say - I love what I do!