Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The hardware get's me every time!

I've come to the realization that it's not always that vintage piece that excites as much as the hardware that comes attached to the pieces I find.  Its kinda like a little black dress without the classic strand of pearls, or vase without beautiful flowers.  Some things just go together. Recently I have come across some pieces that have the most awesome hardware that I've decided to leave on the piece instead of keeping for me. What would I do with all that hardware anyway?  I'm in the painting business not hardware; I'd become a hardware hoarder if I could.  As it is I barely have room for the the pieces that are waiting in line to be dressed up (aka painted). 

This hardware is so beautiful you could barely see it since it blended in with the dark wood piece.  Not any longer, this was refreshed and added to this Louis Blue-Paris Grey cabinet.

 Another one that blended into this mahogany buffet. Notice the wheat pattern which pops                                                      against the Paris Grey color.

This one came off a French Provincial hutch and went back on after a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Reminds me of smiling mustache. 

I've only recently started changing out some of the hardware to something a little dressier depending of the piece.  Some pieces are plain Jane and need that "umph" to make them pop. Here are some favorites. 


I love this color!

                                                        How whimsical & fun

                                          The vintage look for the vintage piece         

Great sources are Anthropologie (pricey but worth it), Hobby Lobby, Pier One, Home Depot. Check out Magical Beans in Little Rock, Arkansas on their Facebook page;  they have great pieces.

This is a set I picked up yesterday that's going on either a dresser or desk that's waiting in the wings.  

Next time you are out and about on your vintage finds, take a peek at the hardware that gal   is wearing, you just might fall in love!   I'm telling you, the hardware gets me every time!

Toodles  -  Karen