Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Monday Chair #1

Today I started a new post titled ,The Monday Chair.  Some of us have looked at Mondays as "oh no" it back to work, instead of looking at it as a start to another great week.  I know I was there.  I now look to my Monday Chair (MC) as a place I can sit (even if it's for 5 minutes) and thank God I'm blessed with another week, another day.  Life is hectic and if you take time for yourself to create that special MC to just sit and say "ahh", you will have made it past go. I encourage you to carve out a space for YOU, whether it's a chair or bench, soft or hard (I have a hard Windsor I love), big or little, inside or out.  So take a seat in your MC, close your eyes and breath ; before you blink your eyes it will be Friday - Ahh!

PS - Send me your photo of your chair & why it's special.  Each month I will choose and feature your Monday Chair.           Toodles

~ A little inspiration

~ My mom's little chair (one on them)

~ Karen

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