Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello whitehousebluegarden

Hello world - this is a first for whitehousebluegarden. I thought I didn't not need to enter the blogging world, it was painting vintage furniture that I wanted to do not the other techy stuff. But I soon found out I needed to share the journey I embarked upon with other's to let them know "anything is possible".   I had someone ask why would I take a vintage piece of furniture and ruin it with paint. To which I replied - why are these pieces being sold on Craigslist or garage sales, sent to thrift stores  or dumped on the sidewalks for trash pickup. I just love to see a piece redressed.  So come along as I show you the day in the life of whitehousebluegarden. How since December I have scoured Craigslist, garage sales & thrift stores for those ugly ducklings that were transformed into beautiful swans.  PS - the name whitehousebluegarden comes from my favorite little white house's with blue gardens (they are probably more lavender than blue, I know check out mine below). Toodles!

                                         My blue garden

I purchased the 3 pieces above for $50.00 on Craigslist. Refreshed & redressed them with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey & Graphite. Hardware is original - they went to loving home in Orange County. THANKS Alex & Lillian!


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