Monday, May 11, 2015

DIY - Mini Vintage Olive Bucket

There's something earthy and rustic about olive buckets and they remind me of being back in Tuscany. The tree's, the hills, the cafe's, the people, slow pace and on and on.

Ok, ok so I can pretend I'm still there from our last vacation. I've seen some buckets locally but they want upwards of $75.00. Whoa! Still more than I want to pay. The best source really is Decor Steals ( but you have to catch the deal of the day & believe me they sell fast. Love that site. So I was in Target last week and found these galvanized buckets in the dollar section as you walk in.  These were actually $3.00 each and I snatched up the last 3.

                       This was the before shiny and new, and they have jute handles too.

I had a bare bottom of the can of Old White chalk paint left and I added a couple of dabs of Graphite that was bare bottom too.  Mixed it up and dabbed it on coating the entire piece to cover the shine. Be sure to tape your jute handles inward so the do get any paint on.  No biggy because you can always replace them or add leather straps which I thought about adding.
                                     With a coat of paint. See the difference in shine.

Once the bucket was dry I mixed some American Paint Compamy American Grit into some clear wax and wiped that all over. You can add more or less of the Grit if you want depending on the color you want.  You can always use dark wax too but American Grit has more of that vintage grey color of the old buckets I like.  That's it - fun & easy.  PS - I was also told you can age your buckets with vinegar (the wonder tool) and salt.  Have to try that next time.

                                             Here's my end product which I love!

                                            Toodles ~  Karen

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