Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Chair #3

Happy Monday - A new week and a new month; the merry month of May. May flowers, Mother's Day.
Today I'm sharing another Monday Chair - today it is a bench.  I gave the bench below to Fats on his 40th birthday and as you can see by the placard, it has weathered many a storm and blistering heat.  Recently I decided it needed some refreshing, so I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Arles (which is a pale yellow), added the cushion and pillows and wahlah!  Another one of my favorite places to sit and for me to say "hello Lord".  Is the color fun? Makes you happy - toodles!

The definition of - feeling or showing pleasure or contentment, fortunate, lucky (I believe in favor), favorable, merry, joyful, grateful.

I know this is not real but a rubber toy - isn't he cute?  How much more could a real happy person make one's day or week better?  Go out a bless someone with happiness!

Enter into the joy of the Lord - Matt 25:21


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